Amazon requires authentication to transfer data via magnalister.

Please make sure, you are using the Seller Central Professional plan, to be able to upload
items via Amazon API.

Important note:

Authorization expiration dates will be set to one year from the initial authorization date of your
Starting one month before the expiration date, you will receive weekly email reminders 
and Seller Central notifications to take action. You will be required to renew the authorization. 
If you do not take action, the authorization token will be deactivated on the expiration date. When an
authorization expires, the authorization token is deactivated but not invalidated. This means that
you can renew an expired authorization which will reinstate the access.

The renewal of an authorization resets the expiration date to one year from the date of renewal.

If you forget to renew your MWS token, magnalister will be unable to synchronize prices and
, also order imports are not possible.

Please make sure to renew your authorization token in time to avoid any trouble with your
buyers and/or Amazon by following these 4 easy steps:

Here is how you request or renew the Amazon Token:

Step 1:

In the magnalister plugin, navigate to the credentials in your Amazon configuration.
There, click on the red "Request / Renew Token" button.

Please make sure that your browser allows pop-up windows (temporarily).

Step 2:
Confirm the message "authorize magnalister for Amazon", by clicking on "OK".

Step 3:
You will now be redirected to an Amazon Seller Central page. Click on the checkbox
"I authorize Amazon to magnalister..." and then click on the "Confirm" button (bottom right).

Step 4:
The connection between your Amazon Seller Central account and magnalister has been
established successfully. You may close the popup window now.


If you have any questions about this topic, please feel free to contact our support at any time at
support [at] .