What is Amazon Click & Collect in store?

With the "Click & Collect in store” service, Amazon offers its customers the option of ordering and paying for goods on Amazon Marketplace and picking them up in the merchant's brick-and-mortar store. Basic information about Amazon Click & Collect in store is available to merchants at: https://sell.amazon.co.uk/programmes/click-and-collect-in-store

Does magnalister support Amazon Click & Collect in store?

magnalister supports the upload, order import and order status synchronization of Click & Collect in store products within the Amazon interface. As soon as merchants are unlocked for Click & Collect in store by Amazon, they can activate and use the Click & Collect in store functionalities in the magnalister Amazon interface.

What requirements do I have to meet as a merchant to participate in Amazon Click & Collect in store?

Amazon has the following requirements for participation in Amazon Click & Collect in store: In addition, the merchant must apply to participate in Click & Collect in store on Amazon and the application must be accepted by Amazon. More information about the application process can be found here.

What steps do I need to take to enable Amazon Click & Collect in store and use it with magnalister?

1. Expand order reports in Amazon Seller Central for Click & Collect in storeLog in to your Amazon Seller

Central and navigate to "Orders" -> "Order Reports": 

Click on “Add or remove order report columns”.

Activate the toggle at "Is In Store Pick Up" and confirm with "Save Changes”.

2. Click & Collect in store basic configuration in magnalister

Open the magnalister plugin in your online shop backend. If you are already using our Amazon interface, click on the Amazon tab and navigate to "Configuration" -> "Click & Collect in store".

If you do not use the magnalister Amazon interface yet, you can add and activate it in your magnalister account.

a. Add “Click & Collect in store”-store(s) 

First, add your store(s) in the Click & Collect in store tab by clicking on the "+" symbol:

A new input mask opens. At a minimum, fill in all fields marked with a red asterisk. This includes the name of your store, a unique supply source code, the store address as well as the processing time for a Click & Collect in store order, the pickup times and the holding period for a Click & Collect in store order. For more information and help, see the info icons in the magnalister plugin.

To finally confirm and submit the data to Amazon, click the "Save" button.

You can add more stores at any time using the "+" symbol. However, please note that after entering the data for the respective store, you must always click on "Save" before you can create the next store.

b. Configure inventory synchronization

Next, configure which stock level for your Click & Collect in store products should be transmitted to Amazon per created store:

To do this, select the desired store under "Store" and specify under „Store Inventory" whether the inventory should be taken from the product information of your online shop or whether you want to transmit an inventory to Amazon that differs from the online shop inventory. Via the "+" symbol on the right side you can make this configuration for all created stores.

c. Set status for imported orders and order status synchronization

In the last step of the Click & Collect in store basic configuration you define which order status an Amazon Click & Collect in store order should automatically receive when imported into your online shop. You can select the order statuses created in the online shop in the dropdown:

In addition, you match a online shop order status with an Amazon order status under "Order Status". Example: If you match the online shop order status "Completed" to the Amazon Click & Collect in store status "Ready for Pickup", the customer will be informed on Amazon that the item is ready for pickup in the brick and mortar store when you set the order status of a product to "Completed" in the order overview of your online store.

Additional notes: 

When you have finished entering data in the Click & Collect in store configuration, confirm your entries by clicking on the "Save" button.

3. Prepare products or update for Click & Collect in store

In the magnalister plugin you can either prepare products from your online shop for Amazon listing in the "Prepare Items" tab under "Create new products" or use the "Product Matching" to match and list your products with the Amazon catalog. For both preparation options, Amazon Click & Collect in store is available. To start, select a product and open the product preparation or manual product matching:

(Create new Products)

(Manual Product Matching)

Once the product preparation for the selected product has opened, scroll to the very bottom. Under „Overall settings" -> "Activate Product for Amazon Click & Collect in store" you can activate the Click & Collect in store option for this product and specify the store where the product is available for pickup. Finally, don't forget to click on "Save".

After you have completed product preparation or product matching, open the „Upload Items" tab, select the desired products and upload them to Amazon Marketplace.

Important note: If you already list your products on Amazon, it is sufficient to activate Click & Collect in store as described above in the product preparation or product matching. You do not need to upload your products again. Instead, the changes will be automatically transmitted to Amazon with the next magnalister inventory synchronization. Requirement: The inventory synchronization is activated in the Amazon tab under "Configuration" -> "Synchronization" -> "Inventory synchronization".

4. Process incoming Click & Collect in store orders

There are two ways to process Click & Collect in store orders in magnalister:

a. Processing via the Click & Collect in store order overview

The Click & Collect in store order overview in the magnalister Amazon interface is used to keep track of incoming Click & Collect in store orders and to process them with a few clicks.

To do this, go to "Click & Collect in store Orders" in the Amazon tab. You will now see all Click & Collect in store orders imported from Amazon and can make order status changes directly from this screen.

To do this, simply select which order status you would like to assign to the Click & Collect in store order in the "Amazon Order Status" column. Example: If you select "Ready for Pick Up", the Amazon customer will be informed that the order can be picked up at your brick and mortar store. In addition, you can cancel or refund Click & Collect in store orders via the "Actions" column. The submission of the information from magnalister to Amazon takes place immediately after the order status is changed.

You can also select multiple orders and use the dropdown at the bottom left of the table to change the order status via bulk processing.

As soon as you change an order status in one of the dropdowns, a popup opens where you have to confirm the changes finally. Example:

b. Processing via the order details in the online shop

Alternatively - or if you wish, in parallel - you can use the order details in your online shop to make order status changes and thus process the order further. To do this, open the order overview in your online shop, go to the details of a Click & Collect in store order imported via magnalister and change the order status there accordingly. The changes will be transmitted to the Amazon marketplace within 15 minutes.


(Order status change in the order details using Shopware 5 as an example)

Important notes: 

What else is there important to consider when using Amazon Click & Collect in store with magnalister?