Preliminary information: As an Amazon merchant, you have the option to add business features
to your Amazon account. For this purpose, your account must be activated for "Amazon Business".
To do this, please follow this link.

Please note that an activated Amazon Business Account is a prerequisite for using the
corresponding features.

Where can I find the Amazon Business features in magnalister?

The Amazon Business features can be found in two different places in the magnalister plugin:
1) In the Amazon tab under "Configuration" -> "Item Preparation".

Here you determine B2B settings that should apply to all products you transfer to Amazon via magnalister.

2) In the Amazon tab under "Prepare Items" -> "Create New Products".

Here you have the possibility to overwrite the configuration set under 1) per product.

How do I activate and configure Amazon Business features in magnalister?

Please activate the Amazon B2B features in the Amazon tab under "Configuration" -> "Item Preparation"
in the "Amazon Business ("B2B") section.

Now the following options are available:

Business Tax Matching

Match the tax rates created in your shopsystem with the tax classes provided by Amazon Business.

Business Tax Matching by Category

Here you can match shop tax rates with Amazon Business tax classes on category level (e.g. "DIY" or "Clothing").
You can add as many categories as you need via the "+" symbol.

Sell to

Under "Sell to" you have the following choices:

B2B and B2C: Products uploaded via magnalister are visible for B2B and B2C buyers on Amazon.

B2B Only: Products uploaded via magnalister are only visible to B2B buyers on Amazon.

Business Price

Here you can define a percentage or fixed price markup or markdown for the "Business Price" displayed
on Amazon, which will be applied to all products uploaded via magnalister.

In addition, you can adjust the decimal amount in the Business price (for example, enter "99" in the field
if you want all Amazon Business prices to be displayed with the decimal amount value ".99". Example: 2,99 Euro)

Business Price Options

Here you can transfer business prices based on shop customer groups. If you have created "shop customers"
as a customer group in the shop, the prices from this customer group will be transferred and synchronized.
Check "also use special prices" if you want the special prices defined for the item to be transferred to Amazon.

Quantity Discount Type

Quantity discount types are discounted prices available to business customers when purchasing larger quantities.
Sellers participating in the Amazon Business Seller Program can define corresponding minimum quantities
("Quantity") and price discounts ("Discount").

Under "Quantity Discount Type" you now have the following selection options:
Note: In magnalister under "Prepare Items" -> "Create New Products”, you have another option available for
the scale prices: "Fixed". This allows you to individually define flat rate markups or markdowns for each product
to be prepared (e.g. from 100 pcs -> 10 Euro discount, from 500 pcs -> 50 Euro discount, etc.)

The desired quantity discount types can now be entered in the fields "Quantity Discount Tier 1 - 5".

Here is an example of a percentage discount scale configuration in magnalister:

Good to know: If you do not want to apply some of the Amazon Business settings generally defined in the Amazon Marketplace
configuration to individual products, you can overwrite them in the item preparation at any time.