For customers who have already transmitted variant items to the marketplaces via magnalister using Shopware 5 and are migrating their items from Shopware 5 to 6, magnalister offers the setting "Use Shopware 5 Master SKU" under "Global Configuration" -> „Synchronize  Number Ranges". 

If you do not activate the setting, the products defined as "master" items in Shopware 6 Product Management will be created as new products on the marketplaces, along with all associated variants.

If you activate the setting, the SKU (Stock Keeping Unit) of the "master" item will be automatically adjusted by magnalister so that the existing marketplace item is updated when the product is uploaded again.

Background: Shopware 6 differentiates between "master" items and variants when assigning an SKU (Stock Keeping Unit). If you use the Shopware 6 Migration Wizard to migrate your products from Shopware 5 to 6, an "M" is appended to the SKU of the "master" item (example SKU: "1234M"). Variants do not get this addition.

The distinction between "master" and variant does not exist in Shopware 5. However, for some marketplaces the identification of a master item is relevant. Therefore, magnalister automatically marks the SKU of the main variant of the item with the addition "_Master" (example: "1234_Master") when uploading products from Shopware 5.

If the "Shopware 5 Master SKU" setting is enabled, magnalister automatically converts the "M" suffix to "_Master" during product upload.

Further notes: