In magnalister, the option „Automatic allocation" can be activated under [Marketplace] -> "Configuration" -> "Orders" -> „Shipping Service".

magnalister then uses the shipping methods created in the shipping module of the shopping system. 

The shipping method that was created in the shopping system for the country of the shipping address will be used. If more than one shipping method has been created for each destination country, magnalister will use the first entry.

Practical example:

A marketplace order imported from magnalister contains a shipping address to Spain. In the shipping module of the webshop, two shipping methods are created for this destination country in the following order:

1. "DHL Paket International"
2. "Hermes Paket International"

In this case magnalister automatically assigns the shipping method "DHL Paket International" to the order, because this is listed first in the shipping module.