When importing orders, the OTTO marketplace separates between "announced" and „processable" orders:

Announced orders

An OTTO order always receives the order status "announced" when the OTTO Buyer selects "prepayment" as the payment method. The Buyer then has 7 days to make the payment. The merchant can already reserve the item and hold it back until payment is received.

If the payment is not received within the 7-day period, OTTO will cancel the order.

Processable orders

As soon as the customer pays for the item ordered and OTTO has checked the payment, the order status changes to „processable". Orders paid with a payment method other than "prepayment“ directly receive the order status "open". The merchant can now ship the goods.

Settings in the magnalister OTTO configuration

1. “Announced” orders:

You can activate the import of "announced orders" in the magnalister plugin under OTTO Configuration > "Order import". By default, this option is switched off. 

If you have activated the function, you must set the preferred shop status under "Announced Order Status (Webshop)" and for orders "Cancelled by Marketplace". 

2. “Processable” orders:

„Processable" orders - i.e. those that have already been paid for - are always imported into the online store by magnalister (provided that you have activated order import in the magnalister OTTO configuration). 

Under "Order status: Import (Marketplace to Shop)" > "Processable Order Status (Webshop)" you can match an appropriate webshop status.